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G.LN METALS, Inc. is a demolition contractor serving the industrial and commercial sectors. We have the experience, resources, and knowledge to meet all your project needs. G.LN. METALS, Inc. takes pride in completing projects safely, on time, and within budgetary limits. All of these elements allow us to develop lasting relationships with our clients.

G.L.N. METALS, Inc. combines technical knowledge and strict adherence to all safety regulations to provide our customers with cost effective solutions to their individual project needs. Our resources and experience allow us to analyze a project and develop unique methodologies to solve the most demanding project requirements. Based upon these strengths, we have safely completed complex projects on schedule and on budget.

Commitment to Quality

G.L.N. METALS, Inc. takes pride in our performance, our professionalism, and our commitment to delivering a quality service. Our dedication to these goals has enabled G.L.N. METALS, Inc. to develop lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Services

G.L.N. METALS, Inc.  Offers the following demolition related services.

        Total Demolition

        Interior Demolition

        Selective Dismantlement

Our skilled demolition teams can: demolish an entire building, demolish sections of a structure, demolish building interiors (gut-out) and dismantle structures of all sizes and shapes. Many projects involve a combination of our services.